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You’ve lived a life of joy and sorrow
And heartache, more than your fair share.
You always told me it would be alright tomorrow,
With a hug that was warm with a mother’s care.
You had a habit of spoiling the people that you loved,
And made sure your girls never went without.
With others, you never put yourself above,
Your love for us was never in doubt.
As a sister, your bond was beautiful and close,
You shared an entire lifetime together.
A friendship surely to be envied by most,
There was no storm, that combined, you could not weather.
Definitely unique and so full of sass,
You taught me everything you knew.
We’ll all be together again soon, time goes so fast,
Every second mom please know, that I love you.
So when all is said and done,
I’m only too proud to say.
My mother was an extraordinary woman,
And she lived her life, her way.
Tamara Lea Perry
September 20, 2008
:iconladylunacs:ladylunacs 1 0
Fragile Heart
Fragile Heart
My heart breaks for her
It soars the sky for her
It thinks of her
All the time
When the sun is out
When it doesn't shine.
It will never love another
Not the way it loves her
It can never be retrieved
She has taken it with her.
It closes it's eyes
Her beauty, it haunts
It opens it's eyes
Her beauty, she flaunts.
It wishes for a kiss
A loving embrace
To hold her hand
To touch her face.
It hopes for her, happiness
To smile when she laughs
Even though it still breaks
Without her, in half.
:iconladylunacs:ladylunacs 1 3
Kate The Great
Kate The Great
It was a happy day, when this baby girl did arrive.
Kate was born on April 29, 1955.
This woman of  rare beauty, could make a cold heart thaw.
She hails from the town, of Dubuque Iowa.
Named Katherine Kiernan, to us she is simply Kate.
In a large Irish Catholic family, she was second of eight.
She wanted to study acting, on that she was very keen.
So she left home for New York, at only seventeen.
It must have been hard in those days, to struggle and to cope.
She would work a couple years as Mary Ryan, on the soap Ryan's Hope.
After that she must have wondered, where was she going to go.
She landed a part soon after, the role was Kate Columbo.
She's done some movies too, I'll have to think and use my brain.
There's "A Stranger is Watching" and "Throw Momma from the Train."
Many more to list here, I'm sure I'll think of them all soon.
Among them a cameo in "Star Trek Nemesis" and also "Riddler's Moon".
It's been a little while now, since she's battled the
:iconladylunacs:ladylunacs 3 4
Delta Inspiration
Delta Inspiration
This poem was written to put a smile on my face,
To daydream of starships or a starbase.
To give me strength, when all seems bleak,
Even if others might think I'm a geek.
Feelings of sorrow for those sans star trek,
I imagine the sound, "Captain on Deck."
No flight in their soul, lost in firm reality,
But whose truth is it? For you or for me?
An existence where there's no hungry, no poor,
Tell me honestly which you would prefer.
The examples and ideals of a future place, another time,
I work hard everyday to make them all traits of mine.
There's many like me, heart beating bittersweet dismay,
For part of it's here, part light years away.
If Starfleet existed, I would be where?
Filling the void, the one you don't know that's there.
If Starfleet existed, I would be where?
Flying through space, like a bird through the air.
Tamara Perry
:iconladylunacs:ladylunacs 2 1
A strong wind was blowing, on this Canada Day
It came from above and took him away
A flag in his honour, flapped at half mast
It took him to heaven, if only at last.
He was son, brother, father, husband, teacher and soldier
The list got much longer as he got older
Tears fall today, for someone we love
Bittersweet smiles in our hearts, for he’s up above.
In heaven the sun shines, on a young and strong face
Knowing that truth, helps to fill the empty space
With his wife, son, granddaughter, and a long lost brother
Where he wanted to be, no place other.
His stories in my head, I can almost hear the sound
It’s in a different place now, where his voice can be found
I see him there, endless time to allow
He’s telling his stories at God’s table now.
No one can take his place he sure made his mark
He filled our hearts with happiness, and lit up the dark
He touched our lives in so many ways
I will miss him greatly, and for all of my days.
Even though his was c
:iconladylunacs:ladylunacs 0 0
Life Out There
Life Out There
Distant points of light
Countless in number
Other beings out of sight
We awake from our slumber
The more that we see
We see there's more to be seen
Where others might be
Little men, shades of green
What universal prank
Would render us alone
The only fish in the tank
Galactic phone, no one's home
Belief in your heart
Our part of a celestial community
Homes light years apart
Like boats out at sea
We might not be so different
Collaboration needs a place to start
If they have money to be spent
So shall we build a lunar-mart
So try not to fear
The unknown stellar beast
Their message heard loud and clear
"Hello...We come in peace."
Tamara Perry
:iconladylunacs:ladylunacs 1 0
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Tamara Perry
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